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Terms & Conditions

Account Access & Authorization

  • JSY Agency is authorized by the Client to assume the identity of the Client in all social media interactions on the Internet including, but not limited to, status updates, blog posts, online forum discussions and message board posts, comments, responses to user comments and emails.

  • The Client will demonstrate this authorization by providing URLs, usernames and passwords for all its social mediums by submitting client profile form.  If you do not have accounts set up already, JSY Agency will assume responsibility in creating the desired accounts for management.

  • JSY Agency will hold the Client's URLs, usernames and passwords in confidence. The Agency will not share this information under any circumstances, nor will The Agency sell this information to a third (3rd) party.

Commitment & Compensation

  • JSY Agency will establish and/or optimize the Client's social media presence across the agreed upon social media platforms for the monthly agreed upon depending on clients package of choice.

  • All payments will be accepted as payment in Cash, checks, or client may request to be invoiced.
    All payments made after 6:00PM (PST) will be assessed a $50 late fee for the first 48 hours of delinquency, after which a $20 PER DAY fee will be charged to the delinquent account. After 21 days of delinquency, the account will be forwarded to collections. All services will cease to be provided until payment is received.

  • All services will cease to be provided until payment is received. Once payment for the period has been made in full, The Agency will resume provision of services. Should a suspension of services occur, the complete payment will be necessary to resume services- a prorated amount will be provided. All payments made will be converted into USD.

Liability Waiver

  • Establishing a social media presence and initiating a two-way flow of communication between the Client and the public can have unintended consequences on the Clients reputation. Should this occur, the Client waives its right to hold JSY Agency responsible for any damage and/or liability that may arise from JSY Agency actions on behalf of the Client.

  • If, at any time, the Client does not agree with actions taken by JSY on their behalf, they must notify The Agency in writing or typed. If The Agency receives such a communication, JSY will post a retraction and apology across all affected platforms within twenty-four (24) hours

Rights to Created Content

  • The Client will retain the right to all content created by JSY Agency for the Client, while under contract, ad infinitum . However, the Client may not distribute for profit any content created by The Agency for the Client, while under contract, without the written consent of JSY Agency. Aside for the purpose of (1) providing samples of The work or (2) instruction – including, but not limited to, presentation, lectures, webinars and published marketing material in any medium.

  • JSY will retain the right to use any and all content/aesthetic created by The Agency for the Client, for the purpose of (1) providing samples of The Agency‘s work or (2) instruction – including, but not limited to, presentation, lectures, webinars and published material in any medium.

Cancellation Policy

  • JSY Agency requires the client to give notice a thirty (30) day notice in writing prior to ending their package agreement.
    Should the Client choose to terminate the contract without cause and/or 30 day notice, the Client must present JSY with a written or typed notice of termination and compensation equal to the amount to be paid to JSY over the duration of the initial contract period.

  • Should the Client choose to have a commitment plan of six (6) or twelve (12) months and would like to terminate the contract before the contract is up after making upfront payment, the Client is aware that refunds are not given on any cancellations. Should client decide to terminate without a written thirty (30) day notice having chosen bi-weekly or monthly payment method,  client is aware they must complete payment for duration of their package agreement.


  • JSY Agency can not make ANY guarantees toward the client. Although we are very confident that your business/brand will be completely transformed, legally, we cannot guarantee results. Please keep in mind although we manage your accounts, we can not seal deals for our clients. We do not guarantee booking engagements, certain connections etc. It is up to the Client to take their position and put in necessary work when told to do so. 

  • The Agency can guarantee to provide the best service and support available to answer any of the Client’s questions and challenges promptly.

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